Winter Bucket List

December 18, 2016

winter bucket list 2016

This started as a holiday bucket list, but who are we kidding? It’s already the middle of December. Although some (most) items on the list are holiday inspired, they can definitely be carried throughout the season. I plan to do just that …

1. Bake gingerbread cookies with my Mads

(Technically this was already accomplished but we will do again … she’s at such a fun age where I can better tolerate her cooking “skills” 🙂 )

2. Look at Christmas lights & drink hot cocoa

St. Louis has so many great places to check out holiday lights.

3. Winter nature hike/find

I’m looking forward to bundling up and getting lost at a local park. Favorites for this are Castlewood and Powder Valley.

4. Go ice skating

We try to do this every year. We will get this crossed off!

5. Make mulled hot cider

Thinking of trying either The Pioneer Woman or Ina Garten‘s recipe. Surprisingly, Ina Garten’s is way simpler! Go figure!

6. Clean out the closets

It’s time to purge and just give away all the extra.

7. Museum date

The art museum is Mads’ favorite right now … those “mummy cases” get her every time! History museum comes in second.

8. Family game night

Because nothing is better. 🙂

By Ann

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