Summer and an Update

June 25, 2017

I cannot believe it’s almost July. Don’t ask me where this year is going. I’m still searching for my bobby pins.

As I breeze into the hot St. Louis humidity, I set out on a mom mission to find fun craft ideas that were indoor friendly on hot days. That lasted for about 10 minutes. Truth be told, my little girl is extremely happy with books, imaginary play and her aqua beads. So I decided to save myself the aggravation of search and prepping for the next craft for Mads. And I’m okay with that. BUT if something does come along, or you have a recommendation, I’m all ears. But really, I’m just searched out. Darn. You. Pinterest. I’m saturated in your ideas and can’t look any longer.

So, what will we be doing this summer? Easiest answer would be relaxing. With two ladies, it will be adjusting to the new norm with a few day trips sprinkled into the mix. I’ve started researching close-by destinations for either a one-night stay or just the day so we can still feed the exploring bug that I KNOW lives inside Madeline and me. More on that later.

But another thing blossoming this summer is a small Etsy shop that I launched in early June. I’m excited for the potential and just rolling with it since this is in fact my first time doing anything remotely like this. It’s quite refreshing to dive into something that I haven’t ventured into before – nice to have the challenge and (another) creative outlet. In summation, the shop sells non-toxic silicone bead nursing, babywearing and teething necklaces. And I absolutely adore them. I can get behind it 100%, and it seems like some other mommas can too. I don’t think I can call myself a small business owner yet, but maybe I can. It’s all so confusing, but again, rolling with it. Loving every step, collaboration and frustration to date. I experienced my first growing pains about a week ago, and I became consumed with packaging options, branding materials, detail-love (just made that up) and  inventory fulfillment. My 9-to-5 was a small saving grace that offered the distraction and return to love of digital marketing that I still crave. I suppose you would assume that I spread myself thin, but honestly, everything I do fulfills every area of my heart.

I’m going to end this post with a few pictures of my necklaces. Happy with what I’ve created. Excited for the next round of designs. Nervous about what’s to come. Ready for what happens.

Happiest of weekends, friends.

Teething and Nursing Necklace - Joan (2) Teething and Nursing Necklace - Joan Teething Necklace - Elizabeth 2 Teething Necklace - Grace Teething Necklace Stacked 2 Teething Necklace Stacked

By Ann

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