Love + Enjoy! Happy Weekend

January 24, 2014

Happy Friday! Oh, gosh. A great week in the books. Super busy but we snagged a bit of quality time together and with those that we love so so much. Snaps!

Happy Friday! :: #EatSleepMarket


As we usher in those two glorious days filled with giggles, storytime, relaxing morning breakfast, loads of laundry, coloring with Crayons and maybe a mommy/daddy date or two, I leave this week behind with a few fantastic finds.

Leslie Knope does it right.

Pinterest is adding new features!! Get to pinning!

Looking for those adorable, one-of-a-kind onesies? Done. (whether you have a baby or not, these are cute!)

Talking about those milestone’s in the little one’s life. Beautiful. Pair it with a P&G commercial, you’re set [for a lil cry].

Did you take a chance this week? Do it! There’s still time!

Super Bowl is around the corner. Here’s your go-to snack!

Things that all twenty-somethings can all agree on.

Do you tweet for your company or organization? Find the right time!

Can’t go wrong with advice from a three year old.

Make this the BEST weekend!


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