Father’s Day


Father’s Day

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I’m late on the post but not on the sentiment. You can bet your bootie we try our best to celebrate this dude every day of our lives because father’s day shouldn’t just be one day a year. These fellas, my dad included, do a million and one little things every single day to make sure we are ready to take on just about anything … and if it’s something we can’t handle, I’m sure dad can lend the helping...

Dad of the Year 2015

I don’t know what it takes to be called “dad of the year.” I’m unsure what characteristics or qualities a man needs to possess in order to earn this title, but if I had to give the description a good ‘ol college try, I would define it as… Dad of the Year noun. [dad uhv th-uh yeer] devoted fella who willingly gives his hands and heart to his family; active participant in tea parties, swimming lessons and outdoor catch; bedtime...