Pinterest Updates + How You Can Benefit

January 25, 2014

Pinterest mixed it up this past week! Designed to improve the user experience and encourage the user to keep pinning like crazy, the updates can definitely be crowd-pleasers.

Pinterest Updates and Ways to Improve Your Blog! :: #EatSleepMarket

01. Pinterest is now supporting GIFs.


Yep, yep. According to Pinterest, “Starting [Thursday, January 23rd], we support GIFs in all their animated glory! … For starters, you’ll be able to play your GIFs on the web, but we’ll be sure to bring them to your mobile soon.”

What this means for you and your blog? Well, more giggles for sure. Also, bring those ‘How To’ and DIY blog posts to life to provide a snapshot of how the process will appear and pin it. Engage your audience on another great level. Need help on how to make a GIF? Here is a great resource with a few applications to get you GIFing.

02. Pinterest is now fully translated into Korean, continuing to build upon the site’s accessibility and community.

What this means for you and your blog? Increased awareness. Are you trying to further your viewership overseas? International SEO is something that shouldn’t be ignored, and Pinterest is a great tool that could facilitate with this strategy. Here is a Pinterest list to help with your marketing and SEO awesomeness.

03. A new Recipe feature was added to help sort and segments the types of meals and dishes you would like to create. You search for a meal, ingredient, anything food related. Once you hit enter, a toolbar appears on the left to further customize the pins:



What this means for you and your blog? If you are a food blogger, be sure to check out the Rich Pins for Recipes and make sure those pins pop up in search results! If you are not a food blogger, your meal planning is about to get 10x easier!

04. New “Interests” option appeared early this week, which is based on what you have already pinned. These pins are glorified suggestions and help you continue to personalize your experience.

What this means for you and your blog? Continue to be the main ambassador for your blog. Show off those images! Also, what is your target audience pinning? Do you follow a few of your top fans? What do they like? You can start to customize the content within your pins based on what your audience searches for, pins and likes.

Love when a social network releases new and helpful updates to the site. Kind of a breath of fresh air in the marketing space!

Let me know if you start to use these features. What do you think? Helpful or a hindrance?

Happy Weekend!

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    Ohhh thanks for doing this! I never read their emails or whatever when they let people know they made changes. Your GIF for the first one is perfect lol

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