Easy Gingerbread Recipe

December 20, 2016

gingerbread cookies

This year we decided to make gingerbread cookies. We always decide to do a little baking … #holidays … but this year, our girl requested to make and decorate gingerbread. I’m not one to say no to that, and she’s at that age right now where she can somewhat help in the kitchen. Watching her get out ingredients and start measuring is really exciting (and sometimes nerve-wracking) to watch, but a memory nonetheless. Where does the time go …

Anyway, I found an incredible recipe online over at gimme some oven. I researched gingerbread recipes a little bit, and by that I mean I used the powerful search sources of Pinterest, to see what was similar between several recipes, what was different and overall difficulty level. (Call me crazy. It’s okay.) The recipe we landed on is truly a great find. In fact, I didn’t change much, wrote it down on a recipe card and tucked it away in my recipe box for years to come. Thanks, Ali!

One thing I will say … don’t skip on chilling the dough. I really learned that this year. Chilling the dough reduces the spread of cookies, allowing them to keep their shape. Just do it. It will be worth it. And if you’re doing this with the kiddos, watch a holiday movie for 30+ minutes, cut out snowflakes or just hang out and stare at each other until the dough is ready to roll out and cut.

One thing we did do is add just a tad more molasses to this recipe and kicked up the amount of ground ginger. It’s all about personal preference, but I think this type of recipe can handle it.

After the dough chilled, we floured the board, rolled out (rolled out, rolled out) and starting cutting shapes. Well, she started cutting shapes. I started taking pictures of her hands. Although they are still small, I still think back to the first time when she really helped me with salt dough ornaments. Again, photos of hands. And so tiny. UGH! I LOVE HER.gingerbread recipe

After the cookies baked, let them come to room temperature. We tasted them that night but let them cool overnight. Rebels. And then we got to work on just throwing on every sprinkle, sugar and red hot we had. Gingerbread cookies – success!
gingerbread cookies gingerbread cookies

Great time had by all. It’s very possible these gingerbread cookies no longer exist.

We hope you are enjoying your holidays and eating all the cookies too!

By Ann

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