5 Things I’m Loving

January 30, 2017

5 Things I Love

O N E. Pillsbury biscuits. Could these suckers be any more useful for family meals? We decided to make donuts out of them this morning and will be using them for the Pillsbury chicken and dumplings recipe. Thanks to Liz for the initial inspiration! But while we were hanging out this morning after the biscuit donuts, my brother texted me with what they made this morning: kolaches. And guess how they did it?? Pillsbury biscuits! Guess I know what we’re making for next weekend’s breakfast! {For your planning and/or viewing pleasure: Pillsbury donut recipes}

T W O. Prenatal yoga has been a little game changer for me. This pregnancy started off radically different than others, and that diverted course continues. In a word, I’m just uncomfortable. (But what pregnant mama isn’t?) I recently enrolled in a local class, and it’s just been so much fun and relaxing. I’ve learned a few things that help me sleep better. Daily stretches help with back pain. And the moms in the group are really friendly and so sweet. I encourage any expecting mom to check out a local class.

T H R E E. These sugar cookies. The recipe seems simple enough and will be fun to decorate with Mads. Bonus on the egg-free royal icing. I guarantee they won’t be as pretty as those in the recipe, but I’m just working on the yum factor.

F O U R. The age of four is so delightful. I love hearing the conversations between Mads and her friends. They sound so grown-up to me, even though the topic may surround which “home toy” they brought to school. She’s starting to be a big help around the house. And she’s growing into her own person. It’s magical to watch.

F I V E. Victoria. This is PBS’ new Masterpiece series, which airs on Sunday nights and tells the story of Queen Victoria. So good. My husband and I were huge fans of Downton Abbey, and we are currently nearing the end of The Crown on Netflix. If any of those two shows interest you, I definitely recommend Victoria!

Wishing everyone a good week. Chin up.

By Ann

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