5 Things I’m Loving

February 19, 2017

Brassica Seed Oil

This month needs to slow down. Week 35 (!!!) of this pregnancy popped up way faster than I thought it would but glad that we are still maintaining our sanity! We’ve been doing a lot of self-care as well as nesting, so you might notice a little theme with this week’s round-up of things I’m loving.

O N E. A Little Bundle. I came across this online shop recently, and it’s just the sweetest. In short, you can pick and choose items you want to gift or get, and they “bundle” the package for you into an arrangement. But really, another reason I’m crushing on it is because of this. ring. right. here.

T W O. Lowe’s. We spent a little bit of time there this past weekend picking out a few paint colors and other odds and ends for the nursery. It was early on a Saturday morning, so we took our time and walked A L O T. Surprisingly, the long walk felt great and was appreciated. Also, there’s something about the smell of lumber that I can’t get enough of … but that’s a whole other post.

T H R E E. Madam C.J. Walker Brassica Seed Oil. I’m normally not a lover of oils (thick hair, don’t care), but I was given the opportunity recently to try this particular brand. I used it before styling with heat, and I was surprised how healthy my hair looked. Go figure! I guess I’m a convert. Ha. But a LITTLE goes a looong way. {I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.}

F O U R. This crostini.  If it could be made into a daily occurrence, I wouldn’t be disappointed. Why is anything with cheese and fruit just the best thing? Rhetorical question, obviously.

F I V E. See Me. Because I think all moms need to be reminded of this sometimes.

By Ann

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