Homemade Watercolors

Our little girl is a lover of making. Not a day goes by where she isn’t coloring a page, making a card or drawing with chalk. She adores color. So, when I noticed a few paint recipes floating around Pinterest, I started doing a little research on what we could do at home. Anything new that we can add to the mix is great. Add in the fact that this recipe is EASY just adds to my motherly joy.

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Father’s Day

FullSizeRender_1I’m late on the post but not on the sentiment. You can bet your bootie we try our best to celebrate this dude every day of our lives because father’s day shouldn’t just be one day a year. These fellas, my dad included, do a million and one little things every single day to make sure we are ready to take on just about anything … and if it’s something we can’t handle, I’m sure dad can lend the helping hand.

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The Dance of Motherhood


Dance by definition is both a noun and a verb. Dance as a noun typically means a gathering of people joined by a common theme to partake in the verb of dance. Dance as a verb means to move one’s feet or body in either a choreographed or freeform way. Music is optional but most often present in both definitions of the word.

Dance: sometimes intimidating but often rewarding and in my mind, really fun.

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Work-[Family] Life Balance


Days and weeks can get messy. Things get lost in the fold. I can’t remember the last time I saw my daughter’s favorite socks [and cue her request for said socks NOW]. Moments when I genuinely  connect with my husband seem to sometimes be lifetimes apart. My daughter sometimes whimpers as I put her to bed as she just wants 5 more minutes of me. It’s within these moments that I ask for grace and seek the strength to reignite the balance.

As a family that has two working parents, it’s a tough business. And if I’m not careful, both of my worlds, work and family life, become just that – two businesses that operate with varied transactions in order for us to successfully close out the day … only to just wake up and do the whole thing over again. Just sounds so … awful.

My hope is to smash the monotony, create healthy divides and make the family life full of exactly that … life. I’m committed to a few things to keep balance.

Take time for your self. The one that gets missed the most. Even if we steal just a few brief moments during the day, we allow ourselves to recharge and are better equipped to take on the next moment that is ultimately given to someone else. It can be anything from a walk to an uninterrupted cup of coffee to running an errand alone. Or a hobby. Or joining a book club. Spending time doing something for the self and just exhaling for a moment is so necessary and absolutely lovely.

Do one new thing a week as a family. Easy to say and easier to do. Please trust me. Exploring the area where you live is worth it. And this is where living in the age of social media has its benefits. It’s rare to see a city without a slew of random hashtags that highlight some aspect of that particular area. Not only do you get a chance to get out and live in the city you reside, you will hopefully do it together as a family. That’s my favorite part.

Put a date on the calendar. It might just be me, but when I see something written on our home calendar, it’s a done deal. We can plan around it, and things sometimes get double-booked, but we commit to the time. We vow to make “us” a priority, whether that “us” is defined as my husband and me, my daughter and me or my daughter and husband. Dates all around. And I suppose I should say that I define a date as a day or night in or out. Anything goes.

Limit the shop talk and off-hours work. This is tough because sometimes it is unavoidable, but I try my best to put the work day behind me as much as possible when I’m with my family. We still end up talking about work sometimes – my husband and I work in sometimes similar industries, if that makes sense – but then we bring it back to something else. Anything else. And laugh.

Let go of the guilt. We stumble and fall on this road. It just happens. We miss, forget, over-schedule, and it’s okay. Perfection isn’t reality, and “good enough” is really very good.

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Mother Lovin’ Feelings

Happy early holiday weekend, friends. This week has just been an off one for me. My crew? Not so much. They never skip a beat with needing and wanting and asking and begging … <sorta>just kidding</sorta>.

Because of this weird funk, I did what any digital mama would do … I took to the blogs. I just need to say this: there are some wonderfully talented and just rockstar mamas out there. I can’t help but find comfort that I walk with them in this journey of motherhood. Thank you for sharing all that you are and all that you do. I get you.

I wanted to share a few reads that I enjoyed and hope you can find some laughter and love from their moments. Because that’s what it’s all about: sharing.

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Four Local Coffee Spots

No matter where you are in St. Louis, there is sure to be a place very close by serving up awesome brew in a unique way. We make caffeine treks every weekend to discover something new. I’m sharing just four of my new faves from around town. Enjoy!

S U M P  C O F F E E // Cool, calm but not commonplace. The baristas love what they do and it shows. The Worka brew is seriously something amazing with its light, citrus flavor. Bubbs went straight for the dirty chai, and Mads adored the chocolate milk. We decided to color her cup when we got home.

sump coffee, espresso cup

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Mother’s Day Weekend Rewind

Why do the days just fly by? So unfair. My girl needs more cuddles, my bubbs needs more kisses, my family needs more phone calls, my friends need more “us”. S L O W D O W N.

Just me? No? Good.

Although the days and months and years seem to fly by, there is no shortage of love, understanding and appreciation. Mother’s Day weekend was no exception. As a daughter, granddaughter and mom, the day was filled, to say the very least. My bubbs made sure the days leading up to the holiday were celebrated for our little tribe, and on Mother’s Day, everyone worked hard to make the day memorable for the matriarchs of our family.

I decided to recap just a few of my favorite things from those days … and hopefully you can enjoy, too.


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Chai Donuts with Almond Glaze

I know this might be slightly out of season, but I can’t help it. For some reason, when a cool spring day welcomes us on the weekend, I just want to bake. When we had the last cool morning, I was eager to try out baked chai donuts. I love the warm flavors that make up this batter. Those flavors topped with almond anything makes me one happy lady. And I hope you enjoy it as much as me! Let’s just get to it.

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5 Tips to Care For Your {Indoor} Succulents

Besides their adorable appearance, succulents have been called the plants that are perfect for those that have less than stellar reputations for keeping greenery alive. As a plant novice with a toddler that was eager to test out her green thumb, I thought a succulent would be perfect. She picked it out and we named it Phillip. And Phillip lasted only a few weeks. So, a year has passed since our last succulent, and since then, she continues to notice and comment on how much she loves succulents. {Who doesn’t … they’re so neat!} In order to ramp up for this next succulent purchase, I did some research, asked a few friends and talked to a nursery for tips on how to keep succulents alive, specifically indoors. I think I got it this time. Here’s to a couple of healthy succulents!!

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Shrimp + Veggie Quinoa Bowl

I’m a fan of quick and easy meals. I also started to realize that sometimes I cook quick and easy meals that make my family say “no way.” It’s not my fight right now {they will get veggies a million other ways} so I will continue to enjoy these meals by myself. Single portion cooking commence! No need to share. I didn’t want to anyway …

This meal is ideal for lunchtime, and it’s just for you!quinoa bowl ingredients

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